Design and Build a House from Scratch Yourself

There was an interesting concept I heard about back in 2014 that was hoping to revolutionize the way we think about architecture and building houses.  It was an open-source (meaning FREE) construction system that would provide a library of home designs for users to choose from. The user would then print the design on plywood on a Computer Numerical Control Mill (CNC), snap it together, finish off the frame with cladding, add some insulation, plumb it, add electricity and it would be ready to go. The company was called WikiHouse and they were seeking to bring home design and construction into the hands of the people regardless of their training.

I found it very interesting and was looking forward to hearing more about it but it never seemed to catch on. The company, based in the UK, still exists and I just checked in to see what they were up to.

They have completed projects on their website ranging from small affordable homes in Sheffield, UK to a library in China.  They also have crowdsourcing challenges for anyone wanting to contribute to their library.  It is an interesting concept.  I like the global community aspect and the prospect of potentially making homes more affordable in this way.

If this idea is of interest to you check them out here. 


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