Thinking of Remodeling?

If you are considering remodeling for your own use go ahead and add that fabulous master suite or pay for that custom mural. If you are thinking you will get every penny of the added room back when you sell next year that might not be the case.

A recent study on cost versus value done by Remodeling gives an idea of what projects will, on average, recoup their cost at the time of sale.

Garage door replacement, for example, shows a 94 precent recovery rate.  On average, a full kitchen remodel may not get its cost back.  Click here to see a list of the most common projects and their return.

It is important to note, however, that if these features in your home are outdated or in disrepair you probably will have to repair, replace or update them to make a sale unless you are willing to price your property to allow the buyer to complete the needed work. The message here is don’t go overboard thinking you will get back all of your investment.


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