Smart Homes and Security

Smart homes are all the rage right now.  Buyers, particularly young buyers, love to see tech in their home. 

While tech can be a big plus it also brings into play issues of security.  If you have tech in your home you need to know and address the risks.

By smart homes we mean homes that are equipped with electronic devices that are connected to Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth network which allow you to automate and control them from a remote location.  This can be everything from a doorbell camera (you have seen the video footage all over social media!) to a coffee maker to a gizmo which helps optimize your use of electricity.

Smart homes take all these devices and connect them through a central device.  The problem is if someone hacks into your central device they can access everything including the smart locks you have on your front door. Hello burglar.

According to articles I have read, many of the central hub devices traditionally have poor, if any, security protocols.The good news is that a new law went into effect in California this month which requires these smart device manufacturers to design their products with security features. In case you buy something manufactured before this year make sure you take steps to keep your devices secure. Either way do your part to keep your smart home safe.

– Always change the default passwords.  (No, that 1,2,3,4 isn’t going to keep out Joe Hacker.) 

– Secure your home’s wireless router with a strong password. 

– Check the setting on your devices to ensure they aren’t overly permissive.

– Disable features of your devices that you don’t need.

– Keep software on the smart devices updated incase they send out a patch for a security issue. 

– Use a strong encryption method for your Wi-Fi.



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