End of California Eviction Moratorium

Let me start this by saying I am not an attorney so be sure to consult a real estate lawyer for the most current information and any local just cause eviction rules which may supersede the state law. 

With that in mind I can tell you that on September 30 the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act expired. This means that as of October 1, the standard exemptions to the just cause eviction rules returned in the State of California.  Basically, for exempt properties, a landlord may terminate tenancy without fault with a 60-day notice.  This is an over simplification but is good news for small-scale landlords who have been struggling to collect rent throughout COVID.  This also means it is a good time to think about jumping into the property investment market. There are some good deals out there!  For more details on the end of the moratorium read below.

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