Plan to Kill Solar on Residences…

The California Public Utility Commission is trying to kill roof top solar. Many of my east county clients install solar to reduce or negate their electric bills – a great strategy plus it helps an over-burdened electric system with green energy. What’s not to like? Well, the PUC has introduced a proposal that among other things would impose a monthly fee of $50+ on each roof top solar owner as well as reduce the amount they get for the excess power they generate and feed into the system. Initially they were planning to vote on this proposal on Jan. 27 but it didn’t show up on the agenda so it is apparently being postponed.  According to the news it hasn’t been tabled permanently. I don’t work in the solar industry but I do see how having owned solar benefits my clients when they sell their properties. Please take the time to read this proposal for yourself. There are some good aspects to the proposal but I don’t think penalizing residential solar owners is the way to achieve their goals.…/G000/M430/K903/430903088.PDF

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